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to noah

Noá came up with the desire to innovate and that's what got us here. In 2011 we participated in an event called “1º Compartilhando Facebook Brasil” at ESPM in SP, at that time only large companies could advertise on the newly arrived social network. Since then, we have experienced several transformations and we continue our tireless search for knowledge.


We were pleased to have our campaigns recognized nationally. We were featured in major vehicles such as Exame, O Globo, RedeBull TV, Huffpost Brasil, Uol, Jornal Nacional, and even an honorable mention by the Forbes correspondent and The Washington Post on their social networks.



With the arrival of new metrics and tools, we adapt quickly. This new scenario, which increasingly demands tangible results, is of paramount importance to make decisions through numbers. And that's how we feel comfortable working, bringing our customers numbers that prove the effectiveness of our work.


After all, when the customer wins, everyone wins.


I am always looking for new opportunities. Contact.

(11) 3456-7890

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